Heart of the demon is sacred and clear

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Heart of the demon is sacred and clear > Heartless  17 августа 2012 г. 15:33:22


Дикий зверь. 17 августа 2012 г. 15:33:22
Heart of a demon is sacred and clear
Heart of an angel is sunk in the fear
What is the difference through paradise and the hell?
Both of these countries are ruled by them

The creatures are mighty and gods
In the hell they say burned in flames and it's hot
But what is then paradise, when in hell is so warm
Are there some ice mountains that keep you in jail?

Do you live with your heart and your soul?
Held in the net of the worlds puppeteer
Greed, hunger, don’t kill anyone
Who thought of rules, that’ll be broken down?

I don’t remember when I started to think
But love with a demon is precious to me
Life in the hell can be sacred for me
If only my thoughts will be filled up with him

One moment before I could bring myself down
For him, for the moments I see the other side of his face
For him, for the moment I live once again
Please bear with the fought of me beside you
I cannot forgive the moment you choose

I waited enough, I waited four years
But you didn’t come, thus you knew me so well
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Heart of the demon is sacred and clear > Heartless  17 августа 2012 г. 15:33:22

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